Tubetarget [Free Download]

tubetarget Tubetarget [Free Download] Tubetarget

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    + An introduction to YouTube Ads and why you need them
    + YouTube ads vs Facebook ads
  • Chapter 2: Setup
    + Getting started with YouTube Ads on Google Adwords
    + Overlay Ads
    + TrueView (Instream or Discovery) ads
    + Bumper Ads
    + Sponsored Cards
    + Setting up your first campaign
  • Chapter 3: Ad Basics
    + Creating videos for YouTube ads
    + Google Ads basics
  • Chapter 4: Targeting
    + Targeting demographics
    + Targeting Keywords
    + Targeting Channels
    + Targeting Videos
  • Chapter 5: Placement Targeting
    + Why is Placement targeting the best way
    + Using TubeTarget to find Plancements
  • Chapter 6: Controlling Your Costs
    + YouTube ads bidding optimization
    + Optimizing the running ads
  • Chapter 7: Remarketing
    + Remarketing setup
    + Monitoring conversions
    + Remarketing tips

Sales Page: http://gettubetarget.in/
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