The Agora Financial Copy School System

the agora financial copy school system The Agora Financial Copy School System The Agora Financial Copy School System

The Agora Financial Copy School System
“It’s Turning People Off The Street Into Million-Dollar Marketing Producers… In Just Days!”
Because with your copy of the Agora Financial Copy School Bundle, you get:

  • 16 unedited, raw video sessions from an actual 60-day Agora Financial Copy Camp!
  • You get full access to the most coveted copywriting process on the planet!
  • Recorded, guerilla-style, in the actual copywriters room of their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, you’ll be a fly on the wall as every part of the Agora copywriting process is revealed, from A-Z.
  • None of what you’ll see was intended to be viewed by anyone outside of Agora Financial. So it’s completely raw and real! Totally hardcore.
  • You’ll go through the same exact training that’s transforming ordinary people just like you into million-dollar-plus marketers.
  • Every trick. Every technique. Every piece and part of their legendary method will be at your finger tips.
  • And when you’re done watching these recordings, you too will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to crank-out your own campaigns that produce staggering sales, new customers, and profits!
  • Complete transcripts of each session plus the “cliff notes” given to all new AF copywriters!
  • Every word of every video session is captured for you, completely unedited and in its entirety.
  • So, if like me you like to highlight and take notes to make sure you don’t miss a single nugget or gem, now you can.
  • The official 60-day Agora Financial campaign reading package!
  • You get the same schedule, the same reading list, and same bundle of marketing promotions given to the new copywriters on day one of their training.
  • That’s sixty straight days for you of the exact marketing promotions to review and study, complete with annotated notes from Joe highlighting the most important takeaways for you.
  • Plus, you’ll also have the fast-action notes included for the Agora Financial copywriters, so you can quickly reference the most important strategies for each day.
  • And by the time you mark the last piece of copy in this package as “read”, you’ll have a master eye for the look, feel, and sound of great copy.
  • The complete, Legendary Agora Financial Swipe File!
  • Considered the most valuable collection of marketing campaigns and promotions in existence…
  • “Worth a king’s ransom,” many have said. Easily worthy of a $5,000 price tag, itself.
  • Includes over 300 marketing campaigns, hand-annotated by Joe, personally… all categorized by Mark Ford’s seven lead types. Over 4,000 pages of dialed copy!
  • With this collection, you’ll know exactly how to structure the most important pieces of your copy, using the proven lead-type templates.
  • And you’ll want to reference this anytime you write a new piece of copy… cause it’ll hand you the perfect message structure and flow for every campaign.
  • Simply follow the proven formula, and you’re good to go!
  • And you’ll own it for life… as one of only a small number of people in the world ever to see the inside of this coveted collection.
  • And all of that is just for starters…
  • Because in addition to the video recordings, unedited transcripts, 60-day reading package, and your own copy of the legendary AF Swipe file, you’ll also get:
  • Access to the Agora Financial Private Daily Submission Portal!
  • You won’t have to wonder if you’re nailing every piece of the Agora Financial copywriting process… because you can submit your ideas, daily, for two months, to get feedback and accountability direct from the AF Copy Team.
  • It’s like having the Agora Financial copy team as your accountability coach for two whole months.
  • And with this… you’ll feel confident and secure knowing… your copy is spot-on and primed to produce serious sales for you.
    3 months of access to the INTERNAL, weekly Agora Financial Copy Debriefs!
  • Every week you can jump on a live copy meeting between Joe, his team, and dozens of the top copywriters and marketers in the world… and listen-in on their insider discussions about winning marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll be on live with, and hear from, folks like: John Forde, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, Doberman Dan, sometimes Mark Ford (Michael Masterson), plus Joe and the AF copy team, and more!
  • With access to these calls, you’ll be among the first to hear about the newest copywriting and marketing breakthroughs discovered at Agora
  • Financial and thru their friends and partners.
  • You’ll be among the first to see what new copy angles are crushing-it… what new offers are spiking sales… and even the newest traffic generation methods killing it.
  • You’ll even have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the calls, get your questions answered, or just be a fly on the wall soaking it all in.
  • Nobody but Agora insiders and invited guests are given access to these private sessions.
  • These calls are so valuable, no matter what’s going on in my schedule, I never miss a single one.
  • And, now, you’ll be there too… and be part of the gang.

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