Spinty PRO [Free Download]

spinty pro Spinty PRO [Free Download] Spinty PRO

Spinty PRO
Over $55,000 In Sales
And Added 9,100+ Subscribers
On One Website…
Packed with features…

  • Several themes to choose from, all stunning modern designs.
  • Fully responsive and optimised for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.
  • Works when your visitors attempts to leave. And chose how long the spinner appears for.
  • Fully customisable text and features. Easy to install and even easier to use.
  • Give away absolutely anything.
  • Free products, coupon codes and choose how likely the visitor will win!
  • Keep a close eye on what’s going on with your games with full analytics built in.
  • Use Spinty on all of your websites! Included in this special offer is an Unlimited License so you can install Spinty on every one of your websites.
  • Fully brandable, you can include your website logo on each and every spinner.

JV Page : https://thinkingbig.convertri.com/spintyfe
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