[Group Buy] Tamara Tee – FBA Winners PPC Advanced Tactics 2019

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Sale Page : https://officialfbawinners.com/ppccourse

GB Joiner : 4/10

GB List :
1. alex
2. Joalee

3. C.kimberly
4. Kymberl**


Here is what’s included : 

  • Module 1: In Depth Training Inside PPC Dashboard & Understanding The Algorithm
  • Seller Central Campaign Manager Dashboard View & Naming Conventions
  • Learning Advertising Terms – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Budget, ACoS, Etc.
  • Module 2: Optimizing Your Product Listing To Fully Maximize Sales Potential Using PPC
  • Why Your Product Listing Can Influence The Buyers’ Decision
  • Why Products Rank Differently on Desktop & Mobile Devices
  • Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Ad Copy To Convert Sales
  • Module 3: Launching Your FBA Product Successfully By Tweaking Your PPC Campaigns
  • How To Use PPC For Your Product Launch
  • Building New Automatic Campaigns to Find the Top Organic Keywords
  • Optimizing For Impressions, Clicks, And Conversions In An Exact Match Campaign For Launch
  • Module 4: Ranking For New Keywords To Make You More Profits
  • Conducting Keyword Research For Manual Broad Campaigns
  • Optimizing Manual Broad And Phrase Match Campaigns
  • Conducting Keyword Research For Manual Exact Campaigns
  • Preparing Advertising Data For Listing Optimization To Generate More Sales
  • Bid Management: Understanding How Keyword Bids Work & Figuring Out Optimization Frequency
  • Module 5: How To Analyze Your Search Term Advertising Reports
  • Understanding How To Read Your Search Term Advertising Reports
  • Analysis For Keyword Bid Management
  • Module 6: Advanced PPC Campaign Strategies – Make The Most Out Of Your Campaigns!
  • Adjusting Ad Placements For Campaigns
  • Maintaining Keyword Rank Using Manual PPC
  • Setting Up Age Targeting Campaigns
  • Setting Up ASIN Targeting Campaigns
  • Setting Up Brand Name Targeting Campaigns
  • Setting Up Seasonal Targeting Campaigns
  • Module 7: Using PPC For New Product Sourcing Ideas
  • Testing New Product Ideas From Automatic/Manual PPC Campaigns
  • Module 8: Creating PPC Advertising Campaigns For Product Variations



1 review for [Group Buy] Tamara Tee – FBA Winners PPC Advanced Tactics 2019

    June 17, 2020
    Hey Guys, this is a great course but too expensive. If the rest of you guys are willing to chip in 20% each I can do the same and we can buy this course right away instead of waiting. -Jeff
    Reply from Allice:
    Hi, I give u coupon : VIPMMO30 - Discount 30% for ours VIP Thanks
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