Jenna Soard – The Course Launche

Jenna Soard – The Course Launche Jenna Soard – The Course Launche Jenna Soard     The Course Launche

Jenna Soard – The Course Launche
This course is so step-by-step, it’s fail-proof.

  • Learn to survey prospective students the RIGHT way so you actually get responses (and feedback you can use)
  • Build out an in-demand course people can’t stop bragging about to their friends
  • Create a landing page & beta tester application without banging your head against your desk or crying in the shower from tech frustration
  • Get your course into the hands of up to 15,000 amazing beta testers that will actually do the work!
  • Learn the basics of video production, screen recording, and editing so you can keep this momentum going, even after the 30-days course wraps up
  • Design interactive PDFs for course handouts so your students are engaged (and impressed)
  • Creatively direct an animation “video bumper” to add instant polish and professionalism to any videos you make moving forward
  • Setup your membership platform without getting so overwhelmed so you start mainlining chocolate truffles or begging your mailman for help
  • Structure your classroom in the most intuitive way for students so tech troubles or confusion don’t get in the way of them taking your course, of course
  • Setup your email marketing system to prepare for your beta test so everything goes smooth as silk
  • Use templates to make the on-boarding process for testers super easy to save you time spent agonizing over the right things to say
  • Conduct new student surveys to gauge where you can optimize (and where you’re already knocking it out of the park)
    Learn the tech behind holding office hours so it stops being daunting…and starts being one of your favorite parts of running a course
  • Discover tried & tested techniques for facilitating Facebook groups to engagement and excitement shoots through the ROOF (and straight into the stars)
  • Develop your welcome email template and rest assured that you’re always making a stellar first impression
  • Launch your pilot program to up to 100 beta testers to iron out the kink and ensure you’re ready to LAUNCH
  • Lead your course with support from me & community so you always have encouragement, understanding, and advice, all at the click of your mouse
  • Implement end-of-course surveys to make improvements your students are fanatical for (and keeps ‘em coming back for more)
  • Discover how to get students to send the most VALUABLE testimonials
  • Create an ideal student avatar based on real students so you have a clear picture of who you’re selling to + can tailor your marketing to match

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Download Files Size: 2.97GB
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