Ecom Warrior Mastery Course Download [Free Download]

ecom warrior mastery course download Ecom Warrior Mastery Course Download [Free Download] Ecom Warrior Mastery Course Download

Ecom Warrior Mastery Course Download

  • What Will This Course Teach You?
    + How to build a store that will actually convert
    + Everything a beginner could need from A – Z
    + How to leverage the might of Google AdWords – an extremely underused traffic source in dropshipping and eCommerce – to drive hordes of hungry customers to your store
    + How to find profitable and cost-effective keywords in Adwords that help you sell any product
    + How to determine the most promising products in your store and boost them to greater heights with AdWords
    + The techniques professional marketers use to create ads that attract people who already look for your products
    + How to strategically adjust bids for your most important traffic
    + How to sell your first products as quickly as possible, sometimes within a day, following a low-volume-high-ROI framework that allows you to focus on initial sales and scaling later
    + Much, much more…
  • Course Content
    + General or Niche? (3:49)
    + Shopify Interface Navigation (9:28)
    + Shipping Settings (4:15)
    + Important Pages (2:07)
    + Payment Setup (3:21)
    _ Preparation + Store Design
    + Finding Winning Products (17:46)
    + Importing Products + Pricing (13:34)
    + The Essential Apps (12:26)
    + Product Title And Description (Sales Copy) (17:31)
    + Product Page Setup + Visual Consistency (7:02)
    + Fulfilling Orders (2:28)
    _ The Main Strategy
    + Marketing Viral Facebook Products With AdWords (4:46)
    _ Marketing Preparation
    + How To Set Up Your AdWords Account (4:22)
    + AdWords Layout Overview (19:45)
    + Installing AdWords Conversion Tracking (5:25)
    + Installing Google Analytics (1:58)
    + Connecting AdWords With Google Analytics (2:44)
    _ Google Ads Creation
    + Keyword Research Tool + Digging A Bit Deeper (12:17)
    + Campaign Setup, Ad Creation, And Utilizing Scarcity (31:29)
    + Ad Extensions + Why you need them, PERIOD (12:43)
    + Installing Google Analytics (1:58)
    + See The Exact Ads That Generated Me $24k Along With A Detailed Overview Of Them
    _ Optimizing Your Ads
    + How Long Should I wait Before I Optimize? (3:45)
    + How Should My Setup Be? (4:18)
    + Look At Your Keywords + Their Data (10:05)
    + Negative Keywords To Save Money (7:20)
    + Making Bid Adjustments To Spend Your Budget More Efficiently (14:33)
    + Rinse And Repeat (1:51)
    _ Experiments, Retargeting, and Look Alike Audiences
    + Utilizing Ad Experiments (6:13)
    + Look Alike Audiences (2:47)
    + Re-Targeting Ads (3:16)

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